MOOD Emergency Response Activities

In advance of the project Kick-0ff meeting here is a brief summary of what the MOOD partners are currently doing or propose to implement in collaboration with the Eurpoean Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) in emergency response to the current novel Coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan province in China.

1) Inserm has released a report (which is already cited in the medias):

2) *Moritz Kramer (Oxford University) has released a report on available epi data: Epidemiological Data from the nCoV-2019 Outbreak: Early Descriptions from Publicly Available Data*

3) Andrew Tatem (Southampton University) may provide data and models for inner mouvements of Chinese population <>

4) Willy Wint (Ergo Oxford) has implemented a preliminary version of  a website with links to available information:

5) Luca Busani (ISS Roma) and Annapaola Rizzoli would propose to strengthen / compliment the ECDC rapid risk assessment with a more comprehensive risk analysis, including mobilizing an expert network to define the data needed  for this RA, and also contribute.

5) Cirad / Inrae (and other WP3 parteners) have started adapting the web monitoring platform "Padi-web" to improve event-based surveillance, specifically targetting China. Some adaptations are needed, like changing Google queries to Baidu queries, and defining expressions (group of words) to define relevant information.