WorldPop population numbers for male and female 25 and 10 year age intervals

Extracts of worldpop age and sex populations for 2020.


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  • citation: Recommended citation: WorldPop ( - School of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Southampton; Department of Geography and Geosciences, University of Louisville; Departement de Geographie, Universite de Namur) and Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), Columbia University (2018). Global High Resolution Population Denominators Project - Funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (OPP1134076). 

Data extracted by ERGO Ltd for H2020 MOOD,  April 30 2020.  contact

extract for 5 sets of polygons:
a) UNFAO GAUL Admin level 1 units,  2013/2014 version.  Key ID - ADM1_Name
b) Google covid mobility data extraction polygons.  KEY ID = RowNO.  other cols provide country, region level 1 names,  and concatenated label - countrycode, subregion1label,  futher detal availabale from,  data available from
c) NUTS1 admin junits,  2016,  available from eurostat
d) NUTS3 admin units 2016, avaliable from eurostat
e) the VECTORNET coverage which is a mixtuyre oif NUTS levels and GAUL used for the ECDC/EFSA VECTORNET Project. KEY ID = OBJECTID
All layers clipped to VECTORNET extent.  shape files available from,  or

Excel files are all in same format and have data colums for femaiules and males, for 25 year and 10 yaer age ranges.  column labels = SA1A2 S= gender f or m A1, A2 age for sgtart and end category.  gt=greater than, lt=less than

Numbers are total population per admin unit for 2020